―Wario at Waluigi, sometimes
Vital statistics
Current Position Gourmet
Current Age Chronologically: 22

SMG4 Universe: Unknown

Current Status Alive
Equipment None
Died in Still Alive

Alias Fartidinius Lump of Poop

Appearances Brother Wars

Darkness takes over
Mario at the olympic games
Quest for the golden overalls
99.5% Crazy
The Wacky Wario Bros series

Physical attributes

Height Unknown
Weight 300-400 lbs
Likes Luigi (sometimes)
Dislikes Sonic

Wario (full name Wario the Plumber, also known as Wario Gaywalker or Fartudinous Lump of Poop) is the main character in The Wacky Wario Bros. and Mario's rival.


In Nintendo canon, Wario is an obese, muscular, hot-tempered, and greedy man, and Mario's yellow-and-purple clad arch-rival. Most of the time, he goes on his adventures from stealing treasure to running a microgame making company. He also sometimes helps the heroes in the Mushroom Kingdom on a few seperate occasions. However, in Supermarioglitchy4's bloopers, most of his personality leaves unchanged, minus the head of the microgame company, which has barely appeared in his bloopers.

Relationships with other charactersEdit


He and Waluigi are brothers in the SMG4 universe. (it is unknown whether they are brothers in official canon or not) The two are the main protagonists of The Wacky Wario Bros. series, where they go on ill-fated adventures in an attempt to get rich. Neither brother is above harming the other to get an advantage, and they tend to fight a lot.


Wario is a big antagonist to Mario in Money Mayhem. In the blooper, Wario is seen putting a bucket over Mario's despite of him trying to rescue Wario, and Mario runs crazy with the bucket on his head. Later in the blooper, Wario attacks Mario in hatred while they are both in the jail cell from getting arrested.


Although Wario and Luigi both don't get alot of screen time in SMG4's bloopers, it appears that Wario probably hates Luigi as seen in The Winning Ticket, where he runs over Luigi when he lost his patience on waiting to get through a street intersection.


  • He is obsessed with money (gold).
  • He is not as much of a rival of Mario in SuperMarioGlitchy4's bloopers.
  • Wario weighs somewhere between 300-400 lbs.
  • In "The Toadassass-ination", when Toad, Ben, Other Toad, Steve, and Mario are playing Mario Kart 64, Wario can be seen on the game.
  • Wario is gay as seen in "Super pokeman 64 bloopers: GYMS AND BADGES".
  • He hates Sonic for calling him "trash".
  • He is the main character in The Wacky Wario Bros. (series)
  • Wario lives with Waluigi in a house as seen in The Winning Ticket, but in Wario's Treasure Hunting Time they live under a bridge, and in Money Mayhem they live in a dumpster.
  • In Herobrine, when Herobrine tries to creep up on Mario, but Mario thinks its Luigi trying to stuff Wario's underwear in his face again.
  • He currently has two forms: Normal Wario and Wario Head.