Waluigi Gaywalker
Vital statistics
Current Position Luigi's rival
Current Age 40s-60s
Current Status Alive
Equipment None
Died in Still Alive

Alias (S)he has no nicknames

Appearances The Wacky Wario Bros Treasure Huntin' Time
Brother Battles (mentioned only)

Physical attributes

Height 7"4
Weight 120 lbs
Likes Wario (usually)
Shirtless men
Dislikes Donkey Kong

Waluigi, also known as Waluigi Gaywalker, is Luigi's evil cousin and Wario's brother. Waluigi thinks that he is cool and attractive, but he is really ugly and annoying and doesn't know how to write an 'L' (this is only true in SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos), for his cap letter is an upside down L.


While not to the degree his brother Wario is, Waluigi is greedy and will overcome many obstacles for a small personal gain. He is smarter than his brother and tends to be more focused on the task at hand when his cowardice doesn't get the best of him. He is also gay and likes to look at shirtless men. Also notable that in the Wacky Wario Bros. episode: Money Mayhem, Waluigi spent about $800.00 bucks on weed, assuming that Waluigi smokes a lot.

Relationships with other charactersEdit


Wario and Waluigi are brothers in the SMG4 universe. (it is unknown whether they are brothers in official canon or not) The two are the main protagonists of The Wacky Wario Bros. series, where they go on ill-fated adventures in an attempt to get rich. Neither brother is above harming the other to get an advantage, and they tend to fight a lot.


Waluigi is a major antagonist to Mario in the bloopers Retarded64: Retard karts 101 and Super Mario Attorney. In the former, Waluigi is the racer that gives Mario the most trouble, and in the latter, he is the opposing side's lawyer.


While Waluigi is Luigi's self-proclaimed rival, he has yet to be seen directly antagonizing him in SMG4's bloopers.

His Rubber DuckyEdit

Waluigi is shown to have a strong affection for his Rubber Ducky, dressing him up in a Waluigi hat and squeaking it all the time.

SMG4 (in real life)Edit

He hates SMG4 in real life, because he put him in a freezer, freezing him.


  • Waluigi has a fear of simians (specifically Donkey Kong) as seen in Wario's Treasure Hunting Time.
  • The letter on his hat is actually the Greek letter Gamma. It's unknown if this is intentional or if he's just a retard.
  • Waluigi plays Han Solo in Mushroom Wars: That Space Series?.
  • He's occasionally used as a launcher (Waluigi Launcher) by other people.
  • Waluigi often takes his shirt off, revealing a musclebound chest underneath and a purple headband. This version of Waluigi is known as Walurambo.